Ann Kwilinski is an award winning graphic and web designer. She is the founder and creative director of AK Design.

A life-long learner, formally trained in fine art & design, she brings her interdisciplinary experience to each project. Ann has managed teams, tackled challenging rebrands and led large global companies in creating many successful integrated marketing campaigns.

Highly adaptive in her design work, she has led brand initiatives for products and services in various industry verticals from pancakes and spirits, to financial tech and DNA testing.

Ann’s intuitive and collaborative approach has helped build and grow brands from the small and local to the big and national such as California Almond Board, Ronzoni Pasta, Fannie Mae, Johnson & Johnson, and the Center for Disease Control.

She draws inspiration from outside her discipline and in the world surrounding us; where things can be fascinating, if not at times equally amusing. Antiques, printing techniques, vintage cameras, comic books, road signs, gorgeous interiors, movie productions and the occasional piece of well-designed furniture are what she is most drawn to.

Ann is an avid traveler, and values exploration equally to the work. She believes that gaining outside perspective informs our creative experience and that pushing boundaries outdoor and otherwise is an integral part to fueling creativity.

She works with fantastic people at these marketing and advertising agencies, Echo Factory, MMW PR, Porter Novelli, Thin Air Digital, among others.

You can also find Ann on Dribbble, and Instagram.

illustrative portrait of Ann Kwilinski

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